Hi! I’m Kelsey. Thanks for visiting! On this site you can read about my travels and other bits of my life.

I’m passionate about writing, music, experiencing new things, and communicating creatively. 

I live in New York City, which was a lifelong dream, and work as a Global Communications Officer at the International Rescue Committee. The IRC is an incredible organization supporting refugees around the world and resettling them in the United States.

I used to live in Ghana, where I worked as a Communications Officer for an amazing organization called Women in Law and Development in Africa, and I loved it. 

You can read about how I’ve: acted in a Ghanaian soap opera, skydived, helped rescue dogs from floods in Thailand, camped with Maasai warriors, bungee jumped, had malaria, scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef, and experienced having my hotel room broken into by a large baboon.

I’m a citizen of both the United States and Canada, and I’ve traveled to six continents (I’m coming for you, Antarctica!). 

I like to volunteer and raise funds for causes I believe in, and I’ve contributed my skills to various causes including: organ donation (be an organ donor!), refugee rights (support the IRC!)animal rescue, cancer research (support the Basser Center!), women’s rights, and girl’s education.

I really, really like animals. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 12 years for ethical reasons, and I’m a supporter of animal rights. In Thailand, I volunteered at Elephant Nature Park, which supports elephants and educates the public about their plight. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Please never ride an elephant; volunteer with ENP instead! 



Back in August 2011, I departed on a  “RTW” (round-the-world) trip that lasted four months. To read more about that trip, check out the RTW Category of this site. I also wrote a travel blog for the Oakville Beaver newspaper about that trip.


Oakville Beaver 4

That sums it up. Thanks for reading!

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