Leaving on the (morning) train to (Amsterdam)


First: Just in case you can’t get enough of the my stylings, there’s more! I’m also blogging for my local newspaper’s website, The Oakville Beaver. You can find that blog here.

Now: I’m currently on the train back to Amsterdam from Paris, and my last few days have been great.

My train into Paris the other day got in at about 7pm, so I immediately booked it to the Eiffel Tour. One of my favourite places in the world is a little park in front of the Eiffel Tour, and I spent 4 hours of my first night in Paris there, eating buns and cheese and drinking cheap french red wine out of a plastic cup.

Cheers, Eiffy.

The next day, I got up pretty early and took the Metro to the Catacombs. The lineup for that attraction was huge, but I passed the time by listening to music and reading a book, so it wasn’t that bad. The Catacombs are pretty creepy, and I’ve definitely never seen so many dead bodies, despite recently watching Reservoir Dogs. I was desperately trying to keep up with the people in front of me without seeming like too much of a stalker, as the pathways are dark and dank and straight out of a slasher film. Never mind the SKULLS and other bones lining the walls. The ceiling was dripping a bit, and a big drop of bone juice/sewer waste/something fell on my face and I freaked out a bit (internally, of course).

Skulls are shiny.

Later, I stopped at a restaurant for some eats. I chose a way-too-expensive option accidentally (water for 5 euros!), but it was nice and constituted my first warm meal in days. I chose an outward-facing seat on the patio and people watched for a while. I spotted a total of 12 people carrying baguettes (yes, I was totally keeping track). After that I went to the bakery next door and bought a delicious eclair to save for later. That was followed by the Parisian version of the Grouse Grind on the way up to the Sacre Coeur, which is grand and opulent and has one of the best views of Paris. There, I sat on the steps, ate my eclair and drank more cheap wine while taking in the view. From there, I wandered to the Moulin Rouge, which is underwhelming in person and nothing like the movie. Boo.

When in France, drink wine.

That night ended much like the one before, as I reclined on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tour eating blue cheese chips and drinking more wine (I detect a theme here). I watched as the sky turned from light blue to light grey to charcoal then black, as the birds turned into bats, and the tower turned from matte dark grey to sparkling white and orange. It was wonderful. I listened to a steady musical diet of Beirut songs and it was the perfect soundtrack to the perfect night.

I also had some gelato. When I tried to order in french, the guy selling it laughed at me.

I didn’t buy any souvenirs because I know I’ll be back. The hostel I stayed at was even advertising long-term apartment rentals for 500 euros a month. Hmm.

Tonight I regroup and prepare for Africa. Can’t wait! The Wifi might be sketchy there, but I’ll post as often as I can!

Au revoir, for now.

P.S. Here are some extra Eiffel Tour pics. I couldn’t get enough.

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