Little Post, Big Animal

I’ve just wrapped up my week volunteering at an elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai, and I was very sad to leave. It was a great time, and I saw and experienced more than I could’ve imagined.

I fed, bathed, and learned a great deal about the big guys, and  my admiration for the creatures has grown immensely. I never knew about the terrible things elephants go through to force them to partake in the tourist shows they’re so often featured in, but now that I do I’m dedicated to spreading the word.

The elephants at the park had injuries as diverse as broken backs, burns, and blindness caused by eye injuries. All of these were caused by humans who wanted to train the elephants to be tourist attractions. Part of the way they do this is to break the elephant’s spirit, as they are smart animals with a lifelong memory. As the saying goes, elephants forgive but do not forget. As such, they are learning to trust people again, and are now allowed to roam free and do what elephants do best: eat and play.

I’ll be writing a longer post about my experience soon, but for now I’m off to get ready for my final night in Thailand. I’ll miss this country and I know I’ll be back soon, but I still plan on going out in style!

One of the rescued elephants and I.

Bye for now!

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