Surfing safari

I just finished my first surfing lesson ever, and it was great! I actually managed to stand not one but FOUR times, which was awesome and unexpected. Sure, we got huge boards that were slightly soft instead of hard…but beginners are allowed a few cheats, okay!

Our group of 12 people was dominated by Canadians from five different provinces. We’re everywhere, and vastly outnumber our American counterparts. Something to do with student loans perhaps?

My morning was spent walking into big waves that kept knocking me down, sending me tumbling backwards trying to avoid getting hit in the head by my board. When I finally got out to where our instructors wanted us to push off, I was slightly exhausted but excited. Of course, I fell my first time, my second time, and my third time. I don’t know if you know this, but falling off a surf board is hard to do gracefully. There were plenty of belly flops involved.

The main thing I learned, and the chant I kept repeating in my head until my body obeyed by brain? Back, bum, back foot, front foot.

Here’s your internet surf lesson. It’s probably wrong.

1) From your arms placed beside your chest, push up into a “downward dog” yoga position.

2) From this position, place your dominant foot onto the board first, followed by your other foot in front of it. Keep your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, and keep your centre of gravity low. Look forward but keep your shoulders (kind of) in line with the board.

3) Try to look cool. If you’re pale/Canadian/bad at things, you’ll probably fail at this step. That’s okay, you’re a beginner.

Done! You’re welcome.

I can’t wait to test my skills in Sydney and then again in Hawaii. Cayley and I have decided that we will attempt to surf everyday in Hawaii, but we both know that even after 11 days straight of surfing, we will still suck immensely. Maybe we’ll look a little cooler though. That’s everyone’s main goal in life, isn’t it?

In the area we were surfing today, there were plenty of (clearly Australian) children that not only had tiny and hard boards, but were looking very cool. It’s so unfair really. My excuse is that I don’t have the blond hair/tanned skin/great balance that makes surfers look like surfers. I may never look like a surfer, but I’m sure going to try! Minus the blond hair. We all know brunettes have more fun.

My afternoon plans consist of napping on the beach, listening to my Ipod, and watching kite boarders in the ocean. Tonight is yet another overnight bus ride, this time to Sydney. Yay for 13 hour bus rides! Uggh.

The good news: As soon as I get into Sydney, I get to see not one but three Aussies I haven’t seen since my month-long trip to Europe two years ago. I can’t wait! I absolutely love that my travels have led to friendships I’ll have for a long time, that’s what it’s all about in my book. I’m even staying with one girl I met on my Kenyan safari in Melbourne. It pays to make friends!

Bye for now, I’m off to the beach (yet again)!

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