Mele kalikimaka from Hawaii!

I’m in Hawaii! I haven’t updated in a while, I know, but I’ve been having fun in the sun! In the mean time, I wrote an article for the Oakville Beaver about my adventurous times so far, read that here.

So far in Hawaii I’ve shot a gun (for the first time), hiked a mountain (Diamond Head), seen multiple rainbows, and spent a lot of time laying on the beach. It’s great! I even saw Santa in a hula skirt, holding a surfboard and a ukelele.

I only have FIVE DAYS left before I make my way back to Canada. I can’t believe it! It’s gone by so fast yet I can’t even remember what it’s like to stay in one place for more than two weeks at a time. I’ve become so accustomed to the backpacker lifestyle that I hope I can revert back to my old ways without serious freedom/sun withdrawals. The past four months have been full of endless adventures and new experiences, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Nothing! I’ve had so much fun and made enough incredible memories to last a lifetime.

I’m currently sitting by the pool after a morning at the beach, and it’s December! I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family, but I’ll miss (almost) everything about traveling. I won’t miss bunk beds or overnight bus rides or paying ridiculous fees for internet or carrying my life on my scoliosis spine, but I’ll definitely miss constantly meeting different people from all over the world, having the freedom to do things that I’ve only dreamed of, and seeing places I’ve only seen on T.V. I’ll miss finding sand in strange places and spending endless hours playing in the water. I’ll miss considering a bathing suit an outfit and wearing nothing but flip flops (except in New Zealand). I’ll miss not knowing what day of the week it is and telling the time by the position of the sun in the sky (or lack thereof). I’ll miss being called out for my Canadian accent and adopting British/Australia/Kiwi/Thai/Indian/Kenyan/Hawaiian slang terms and swear words. I’ll miss everything.

I’m off to laugh with friends in the outdoor hot tub, and tonight I plan on playing in a giant plastic bubble placed on water. I’ll explain later.

Bye for now and Mele Kalikimaka!

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