BIG NEWS (again): I’m moving to NYC! (In October)

I am overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation yet again (this is becoming a regular occurrence). I just booked a 3-month stay in the East Village, Manhattan, from October 4, 2013-January 4, 2014. 

I’ve wanted this my entire life, and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

I’m not leaving Ghana just yet, I’ll be completing my one-year mandate…and then basically going straight to NYC at the beginning of October.

Once there, I’ll be pursuing a certificate at New York University and looking for employment. I can’t wait!

Sure, I don’t have any connections in the area, but when has that stopped me? I didn’t know anyone in Ghana before I came here, and I now have a great group of friends. I can only hope my luck will continue in that arena!

I’m freaking out. It feels much like the day I confirmed I would be moving to Ghana. As I wrote back then, that felt just like skydiving, so you can only imagine the state I’m in at the moment. 

It will be competitive. It will be hard at times. It will quench the thirst I’ve had since I was five-years-old. 

I may not be rich enough, stylish enough, or cool enough to fit in in New York, but that’s okay. I’ll be faking it until I make it, each and every day. 

My bank account is crying, but I’m smiling…and that’s all that matters in my book. 

If you have tips, connections, anything, don’t hesitate to contact me! I can use all the help I can get. 

Stay tuned!

One Response to “BIG NEWS (again): I’m moving to NYC! (In October)”
  1. Noel & Muriel says:

    Great News Kelsey…glad that your coming back to America and that the place is where you want to be…Keep us posted…love Noel &Muriel

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