Away we go.

This is it! My last day in Canada for a while. My flight leaves at 5:30 tonight, and I still have so much to do it’s ridiculous. I’ll post a picture of my pack soon hopefully, but just know I could definitely smuggle a human (kidding Feds!). I know I’m forgetting things but whatever. My pack is about 36 pounds of green, so I’m calling it Shrek until I can think of a better name. My back is already sore and I think it’s phantom pain, except instead of losing a limb I’m gaining a human-sized mass on my back. A parasitic twin if you will.

I currently have so much cash it’s ridiculous, and I could totally make it rain better than Fat Joe at this point. I won’t, though, because apparently life costs money and apparently US cash reigns supreme. The rappers are right, it’s all about the Benjamins.

I spent about 3 precious hours yesterday trying to transfer all of my music to my new computer, but I am finally set with 5000 songs or something to get me through the long plane and train rides. I also bought a Kobo, that e-reader from Chapters, and I’ve downloaded about five books so we’ll see how that goes.

It still hasn’t really hit me, I think part of me still thinks I’m getting up tomorrow and going to work as per usual. This probably means I’ll have a panic attack on the plane, but we shall see.

About once a week, I’ll be blogging for The Oakville Beaver, so feel free to check that out. I’ll post a link once everything is ironed out. I’ll also be writing here, so definitely come back! I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about.

I love airports so I’m kind of pumped about the fact i’ll be in two different ones tonight (Buffalo and Detroit). They’re just so clean and exciting and people are walking fast and there are bookstores and bars, what else do you need really.

I’ll miss everything and everyone, but I’ll be back! I’ll be missing a lot of pop culture so if I’m totally lame in 2012, don’t make fun of me.

Away we go!

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