Long time no post! I haven’t been feeling so great the last few days and I was stuck without internet while in Agra/Jaipur/Pushkar. That’s my excuse!

In the mean time, I’ve seen the Taj Mahal, visited a city in India where alcohol and meat are banned, and eaten Thai food in Bangkok! That’s where I am now, in the nicest hostel I’ve ever stayed in (for $10/night!). I also won 3 Chang beers in a Bingo game last night, so that might be part of the reason I love the hostel so much.

I will be writing a big girl post later today (I promise! Well, I’m going to try really hard!).

Our plans for today? Buy some $2 dresses, eat some street food, and book our PADI scuba diving course for next week at Koh Tao (a Thai island farther South). Tonight, we may try our hand at Thai karaoke. My life won’t be complete until I sing Mariah in Bangkok.

Bye for now!

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