Bangkok baby!

I’m back!

I’ve written a post for the Oakville Beaver about my time in India, check that out here.

Really, my main lesson from India is that North American McDonald’s suck. McD’s in India don’t sell any beef or pork. No Big Macs! Instead, they have delicious veg options like the McSpicy Paneer (basically deep fried cheese), the McVeggie, and more. Their version of the Big Mac is the Maharaja Mac, which is the same thing basically but with chicken I think. Apparently they talk about Maharaja Macs on the Big Bang Theory, so there you go.

Hey McD’s: Bring this to Canada! Do it!

Also, here’s your lesson for the day: Indians eat ketchup with everything. Cheese sandwiches? Pizza? Samosas? Yes, yes and yes. Ketchup is everywhere. Who knew? Not me. Also: there’s a town in the world where meat and alcohol are illegal. No, it’s not called Hell! It’s called Pushkar, and it’s in India. It’s a beautiful place and there are camels/cows/donkeys/monkeys everywhere. I’d love to go back.

The land of no meat or alcohol: Pushkar

As I mentioned, I’m now in Bangkok, Thailand, and I’m loving it! It feels more relaxed than India, even though there are people everywhere. On my first day here, I arrived at my hostel only to find that I couldn’t check-in until 7 hours later. The problem was that I hadn’t slept on the overnight flight on the way there, and no sleep was no option. So what did I do? I passed out in the lobby, obviously. It wasn’t as weird as it sounds, because the lobby consists of a giant, cushy floor mat where people are constantly sleeping. I’m sitting on that mat as I right this and it’s awesome. I want one of these instead of a couch at home. My favourite thing about Bangkok so far is that there are very few touts. After spending so much time in Kenya and India where I was constantly accosted and asked to “just look miss!” and that’s a relief. Lesson: there’s no such thing as just looking in India. The suggestions and fluctuating prices just keep coming and coming until you leave (or that was the case 90% of the places I visited, anyway).

This morning I attended a Thai cooking course and it was absolutely delicious. I made (veg) Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, spring rolls, Massaman curry, peanut sauce, and so much more. I’ve only been to one Thai restaurant in my life and I wasn’t a fan, but after this morning, I’m a convert. So much flavour and so healthy (mostly)! I think coconut milk should be in everything. After the cooking lessons, the owner of the school attempted to teach us some Thai dancing. Little did she know, white people can’t dance. Well, I can’t at least (unless you count krumping…never mind).

Me cooking Thai food! It was delicious, I swear!

I’ve only been here three days and I’ve already bought too much stuff. Looks like I’ll have to ship more stuff home and lose more money. Problematic. I needed that Chang Beer shirt, okay!

Yesterday was quite productive in that I booked several adventures in Thailand. For one, I’m going to an island called Koh Tao in a few days to get certified in scuba diving. I’m a little nervous but excited. It’s a four-day course, so I should be able to dive without drowning. I’ve also booked a day tour through Bangkok and the surrounding area, which includes spending some time on a long tail fishing boat. Fun!

People have been really friendly in Bangkok so far, and everyone seems relaxed. At the start of our cooking tour, we walked through the streets to buy veggies for the meals we made. At one point, a Thai man pulled up on his bike and asked for a bite of the sweet potatoes we were sampling (they’re small). The Thai woman we were shopping with walked up to him and popped a potato right into his mouth, smiling. If I were in that situation in Canada, I would pretend that I couldn’t hear the man and go on with my shopping. I blame it on the Puritans, somehow.

Cayley and I in front of the cooking school

Tonight, I’m planning to get/endure a Thai massage, eat more yummy food, nap, and have a few Chang beers. I love my life. I love Thailand.

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