Gangster’s Paradise

I’ve returned from my sailing trip through the Whitsundays, and I managed to avoid a full-body sunburn. I’m pretty proud of myself. I am leaving for a 3-day camping trip to the biggest sand island in the world tomorrow though, so no promises on the sunburn front.

Yes! So, I spent two days and one night on a sailboat on the ocean, and it was great. Beautiful weather, pristine beaches, turquoise water, the works! Our boat was called the Waltzing Matilda, though we did no ballroom dancing unfortunately. We did do some snorkelling,”tanning” on deck, laying on the beach, that sort of thing. One of the beaches we visited apparently has the purest sand in the world, and it looked and felt a bit like walking in flour.

Whitehaven Beach! Look at those hops.

Our sailing trip included an eclectic playlist of hits that had me attempting to shimmy while hanging on for my life when the water got choppy. Our deckhand Jimmy was a Kiwi, so we also heard some Flight of the Concords, which was awesome.

Right after docking back into Airlie Beach, Cayley and I headed to eat some dinner then catch our Greyhound bus to Rainbow Beach. We ate our last meal in the area amongst camper vans, overlooking paddle boarders and the beach. Now that we’re grocery shopping, we are existing on bread, cheese slices, and peanut butter, which has served us well.

Meal with a view

Our bus trip took about 14 hours, so we are sleep deprived yet again. Now we are prepping for our camping trip to Fraser Island tomorrow morning, and we have our goon ready. Our group is about 30-strong, so it should be fun. We had to watch a safety video about driving in sand and how to avoid being attacked by dingos, so we’re set. Both Cayley and I decided not to drive the 4×4’s we’re taking to the island, mainly because we’d be driving on the other side of the road, the cars are standard, and other people would be depending on our beach driving skills. No thanks!

Well, I’m off to do some laundry (finally) and pack my things. Bye for now!

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