Island in the sun

Hey there!

I’m currently in Brisbane after a few nights camping on Fraser Island, which was an awesome time. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and therefore all of my things are covered in a fine layer of white sand at the moment. The trip involved some crazy 4×4 drives through the rainforest and right along the ocean. It’s quite an experience swerving in and out along the waterline of the ocean on the beach. We spent our time swimming in creeks and lakes, picnicking on the beach, and camping right next to the ocean. We also got uncomfortably close to some dingos and met some great people from all over the world. Cayley and I were the only North Americans of the 35 people on the trip, which meant we were speaking with an English/German twang by the second day. Our trip leader was a crazy Australian hippie, and he was endlessly entertaining. He would constantly pull over to pick up a jellyfish, show us things unique to the island, and tell us the history of the land.

Spot the hippie!

We had one night back at our hostel in Rainbow Beach after leaving the island, which we capped off with a bonfire at the beach with our new friends. It’s sad saying goodbye to people you’ll probably never see again, but it’s all part of the experience.

Now we’re in Brisbane, which is hot, sunny, and full of Jacarandas with their lilac flowers. I really like the city and I can definitely see myself coming back. It’s modern and young, and apparently always sunny! My kind of place.

Today we take the Greyhound to Byron Bay, which we’ve heard very good things about. I can’t wait for surfing lessons!

Bye for now!

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