Music’s my imaginary friend

I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to the music section of this site, but that’s because I’ve been busy! Also, researching/finding new music is harder when internet costs almost as much as you’re paying for accommodation. Uggh. Anyway, I’ve added to that section with thousands of words about the music I’m currently lurving (read: loving a lot). I’ve weaved in a few travel memories associated with the songs, so even if you don’t like the same music as me, you might find it interesting-ish. Enjoy!

In other new, I’m off to Wellington tomorrow. I’ll miss the pure natural beauty of the South Island, but I can’t wait for the adventures to come on the North Island. That’s where I’ll be skydiving! I’m already having daymares about that, by the way (read: I don’t dream, so my nightmares come during the day…I’m kind of a freak).

Talk (at you, not with you) soon!

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