Happiness and how not to lose your photos

Remember back when I was in Kenya, devastated about losing the photographs from my time in Africa? Well, good news. I’m getting them back!

I lost the pictures due to a faulty memory card, and I was so upset that I cried in front of my safari group over a plate of ugali while camping in the Maasai Mara. I thought for sure that I had lost all of the proof of the incredible memories I had made in Kenya, and as someone with a terrible memory, I figured that I had lost the amazing moments forever.

However, because of computers and technology and skills that I do not have, I recovered the photographs! There’s some from my time at a children’s home in the highlands of Kenya, a few from the hour I spent in a canoe cruising over hippo-infested waters, and most importantly, a bunch from my time with the Maasai people.

I couldn’t be happier, and I’ll post some of the pictures as soon as I pick them up tomorrow.

Lesson of the day? Always bring several memory cards when traveling. Rather than buying a single 32 gig card, go with a few 10ish gig cards. If you get an error message that asks you to format the card (which will delete the pictures you’ve taken), click “no” and take the memory card out of the camera.

Another lesson? Upload your pictures as often as you can. I thought that waiting the 9 days that I was camping without uploading would be fine, but it wasn’t. Hopefully if you take all of that advice your next trip, you won’t be left crying over a plate of a maize-based food product!

Bye for now!

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