Photobook Canada review/my first video blog!

Hi everyone!

While I normally take every opportunity to write about things I’m excited about, I chose a different option today. It’s my first video blog (or “vlog” as the kids call it)! Don’t mind the picture frame behind my head, it turns out that it’s harder to find a place with good lighting and a blank background than I thought. The video is about the photo book documenting my trip and my experience with Photobook Canada. Enjoy!

Note: at one point I said opaque when I meant transparent (woops). Sorry! Don’t mind that!



One Response to “Photobook Canada review/my first video blog!”
  1. Hi Kelsey, just dropping by to say a big Thank You for your review towards Photobook Canada. The kind gesture is greatly appreciated! We hope you continue your impressive world traveling regime and continue to share with us those experiences. Cheers!

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