Weekly photo post! Starting now.

Bangkok baby!

I’m back! I’ve written a post for the Oakville Beaver about my time in India, check that out here. Really, my main lesson from India is that North American McDonald’s suck. McD’s in India don’t sell any beef or pork. No Big Macs! Instead, they have delicious veg options like the McSpicy Paneer (basically deep … Continue reading

Delhi: Bamboozling

Cayley and I are in Delhi now after a few days in Goa, and the two places are very different. Whereas Goa was very laid back and beachy with a hippie vibe, Delhi is more intense and varied. Our hostel also happens to be 100 degrees all the time and is filled with mosquitos and … Continue reading

Trainin’ in India

I thought long and hard about the clever titles I could have used for this post, but then I gave up. There are so many train songs and three of them are currently playing in my head at the same time. Oh well. This post will be especially interesting to you if you plan on … Continue reading

Sweat, smoke and sarees

Well, it’s our third day in India and we’ve already experienced a lot: a festival, a temple, an ashram and the gate of India, just to name a few. Yesterday we accidentally stumbled upon the biggest festival in India. It’s called Ganesh Chaturthi and it’s pure insanity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many … Continue reading

Jai ho!

Hello from India! I just met up with my friend Cayley¬†at the Mumbai airport. Our first impression of India? It’s 3am and it’s steaming hot.¬†Well, it’s monsoon season, so at least it’s not raining! On our drive from the airport to our hostel we saw about a million strands of Christmas lights strung everywhere, a … Continue reading