Excitement in the air

First of all, I want to send a BIG thank you to all of the incredibly generous people who donated to Crossroads International on my behalf. Your funds will support several initiatives that assist disadvantaged people in Africa and Latin America, and every dollar makes a huge difference. I’m at 93% of my goal now, and I have been shocked and so grateful to see the donation total grow each day. Thank you so, so much. If you’re interesting in throwing some funds at that remaining 7%, sponsor me here.

I’ll be applying for my Ghana visa TOMORROW, and this whole thing still doesn’t seem real. I’m still sitting with my legs dangling out of that pink plane 16,000 feet in the air, sipping air through my trembling lips, realizing fear is just an obstacle to jump over in pursuit of magic and excitement. The fear I’m experiencing now feels like a skyscraper and I can’t quite make out what’s on the other side, but I’m going to jump over it anyway and hope my feet land on solid ground.

Before I jump, I have to sort out all of the stuff that is involved in picking up a life and moving it to the other side of the world: visa, vaccinations, never ending to-do lists, goodbyes, everything else. Too bad I’m a semi-adult with a job that’s taking me to Eastern Canada for two weeks (a bittersweet yay!). I now know what people mean when they say there are not enough hours in the day. Ah!

I have managed to research the country I’m moving to a bit, and the more I learn, the less I fear. The President of Ghana recently died, but unlike many West African countries, there was no coup. Rather, the Vice President swiftly took over, and all seems to be well (thank goodness). I’ve learned a little more about where I’ll probably be living, and it sounds like a great situation for making friends and easing into the intensity that is Accra, Ghana. I now have my flight information and because my birthday is always epic, my first full day in Ghana will be the day I turn 23 years old. I’m just hoping for some instafriends who will be willing to celebrate with a newly arrived, flustered, red-faced, sweating Canadian.

If you know me, you know I love to plot and plan, and I’m already planning on what to do when I return from Africa (I know, I know). For now the plan is NYC (duh). A certificate program at NYU, to be specific. We shall see!

For now I’ll be jamming to some hiplife music and trying to make my two hands multiply. Stay tuned!

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