Next stop: Ghana

It’s my last night in Canada for a year and I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I will be getting on a plane headed for Accra, Ghana and my stomach is full of butterflies and anticipation. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know what my apartment will look like, I don’t know how my body will react to the heat, I feel like I don’t know anything…but that’s okay. I’m doing this to learn, to grow and challenge myself.

During training, my fellow volunteers and I were told to write a letter to ourselves. We were told that there will be ups and downs, and the downs are easier to get through when you remind yourself why you’ve picked up your life and placed it into the unknown. This is my letter.

Dear Kelsey,

Adventure is worthwhile. You’ve got a handful of years on this earth and you’ve always known that when brown turns to grey and the end is near, you want to look back on the chapters of your life and laugh, gasp, clap, and smile. You don’t want your youth to be wasted while you’re young, and you’ve always remembered that chains are always more frightening than freedom. Growing pains have always been painful, but now it’s only you that can stunt your growth. Comfort will come, but not yet. Youth is meant to be uncomfortable because the best stories never come from comfort. When push came to shove and you had to decide what to do next, you realized that fear leads to regret, and for you, regret is not an option at the end of the road. It’s in your blood to explore, and always remember that the most beautiful gems are found beneath dark and dull exteriors. It takes time and effort to reveal the sparkle that you search for.

Be brave,


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  1. says:

    Hi Kelsey,,, Have a great trip…I’m sure you’ll find it very chalenging. Muriel & I will be waiting for updates on your experiences. God bless and you are in our hearts and prayers…love Noel & Muriel

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