Rant time!

Warning: If you don’t live in Canada, you probably won’t care about this post.  Okay! I live pretty close to both the Toronto airport and the Buffalo (N.Y) airport. Keeping this in mind, I bring you ridiculous facts time! Did you know it’s cheaper to fly from Buffalo to London, England than it is to … Continue reading

Elephants in need

Hey there, As you may know, I volunteered at Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand back in October. I met Lek, the founder of ENP, as well as several staff members. I was there for a week, so I got a pretty good sense of how the park was run, and I have nothing but … Continue reading

Dun dun dunnn: The “what to pack” post, part 1!

OKAY so it’s finally time to start writing about what to pack when it comes to long term travel. There will be a few different parts to this, including, “What I wish I packed but didn’t,” and “What I packed but wish I didn’t.” For now, though, I’ll just give a basic list of what … Continue reading

Round 3! Photo: Lake Matheson, New Zealand


With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would write a few love letters. They’re no fancy Valentine cards with cartoon characters in front…but close enough. New York, music, and my cats: I choo-choo-choose you. Dear New York City, I’ve been in love with you so long I can’t remember how or when it all … Continue reading

Weekly photo post (with words!): Mae Taeng Valley, Thailand

When I was volunteering at Elephant Nature Park, a few volunteers and I were recruited to cheer for some of the park employees, who play a weekly soccer match against a local team. We were loaded into the bed of a pickup truck and dodged low-lying branches as we sped through the beautiful hills surrounding … Continue reading