Dolphin Encounter, NZ

While I usually spend my mornings sluggishly checking my emails or eating last night’s dessert, this morning was different! I got up bright and early, put on a wetsuit, and jumped into the Pacific Ocean! It turns out the shock of freezing cold ocean water is better than coffee when it comes to waking you … Continue reading

Slideshow: Australia’s East Coast

I’ve made a quick slideshow with some pictures from my time in Australia, enjoy! Australia’s East Coast

Quick update from Queenstown!

I’ve written a blog for the Oakville Beaver about my time in New Zealand so far. Read it here.

Checking in from Franz Josef, NZ!

Hey there! Just thought I’d give a quick update about my whereabouts…the title says it all! I’m planning on writing a longer blog about my time in Melbourne and my first few days in New Zealand, but it turns out that the wifi in the middle of nowhere tends not to be the best. Give … Continue reading

Sydney: Sun, sand, sights, surprises!

I’ve written a bit more about my time in Sydney and Melbourne for the Oakville Beaver, check that article out here. After a whirlwind five days in Sydney, I’m now in the most “liveable city in the world,” Melbourne! I absolutely loved Sydney and did so much in the short time I was there. I … Continue reading

Surfing safari

I just finished my first surfing lesson ever, and it was great! I actually managed to stand not one but FOUR times, which was awesome and unexpected. Sure, we got huge boards that were slightly soft instead of hard…but beginners are allowed a few cheats, okay! Our group of 12 people was dominated by Canadians … Continue reading

Backpackers unite!

Hey you! I’ve written an article for the Oakville Beaver about backpacking in Australia, read it here. As for me, I’m off to the beach!

Island in the sun

Hey there! I’m currently in Brisbane after a few nights camping on Fraser Island, which was an awesome time. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and therefore all of my things are covered in a fine layer of white sand at the moment. The trip involved some crazy 4×4 drives through … Continue reading

Gangster’s Paradise

I’ve returned from my sailing trip through the Whitsundays, and I managed to avoid a full-body sunburn. I’m pretty proud of myself. I am leaving for a 3-day camping trip to the biggest sand island in the world tomorrow though, so no promises on the sunburn front. Yes! So, I spent two days and one … Continue reading