Hakuna Matata

Jambo! I’m in my Nairobi hotel now, relaxing before the early wakeup calls during safari begin. I’ll be meeting my safari group tonight in the hotel lobby and I’m already wearing cargo pants. On the flight here, almost every single white person was wearing cargo pants and/or shirts, it was totally hilarious. Spot the people … Continue reading

Leaving on the (morning) train to (Amsterdam)

Bonjour! First: Just in case you can’t get enough of the my stylings, there’s more! I’m also blogging for my local newspaper’s website, The Oakville Beaver. You can find that blog┬áhere. Now: I’m currently on the train back to Amsterdam from Paris, and my last few days have been great. My train into Paris the … Continue reading

I have arrived!

Well, I’m officially (almost) done the first day of my trip and it feels great. Getting here wasn’t the best experience, but it was worth it. Here’s what I learned: a) Don’t rely on people to make your food quickly when you have to make a flight. While I was waiting on my $13 (!!) … Continue reading

Away we go.

This is it! My last day in Canada for a while. My flight leaves at 5:30 tonight, and I still have so much to do it’s ridiculous. I’ll post a picture of my pack soon hopefully, but just know I could definitely smuggle a human (kidding Feds!). I know I’m forgetting things but whatever. My … Continue reading

Colour me Canadian

This morning, I went to Tim Hortons as I do everyday. Being a creature of habit, I normally order a large green tea and a cranberry blueberry bran muffin. On this particular day, though, I decided to switch things up. I went for the large double double, along with a chocolate chip muffin (I was … Continue reading

When we break, we wait for our miracle

Disclaimer: If you’re here to read about my upcoming trip, come back in a few days. If you don’t care about music or how people experience music, you probably won’t enjoy this website so go wander the internet some more. If you don’t know who Jeff Mangum is, go research Neutral Milk Hotel, and whether … Continue reading

The disco before the breakdown

The day I leave is almost here, and the lead up to that plane ride is getting crazier every day. Monday night I saw the Bon Iver show at the Sound Academy in Toronto, and it was fantastic. Violins, a trombone, drums, guitars and other musical thingys filled the stage and the entire venue, filling … Continue reading