Kelsey the travel blogger is on the loose!

My article about Nairobi for Vagabondish has appeared sooner than anticipated, read it here:

A safari in pictures

While I lost most of my photos due to a memory card issue, I managed to make a slideshow with the pictures I’ve taken in the last three days (it’s set to Lion King music, obviously). I also made a YouTube channel to make posting videos easier, so hopefully there will be more to come!

“She’s the whitest person I’ve ever seen!”-a laughing Maasai child, speaking about me

Info: For a more comprehensive recap of my safari experience, check out my posting for the Oakville Beaver here. It’s not everyday that you’re asked to be the wife of someone you just met. When that person is a Maasai chief with three wives already and the proposal is taking place next to a freshly … Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

Jambo! I’m in my Nairobi hotel now, relaxing before the early wakeup calls during safari begin. I’ll be meeting my safari group tonight in the hotel lobby and I’m already wearing cargo pants. On the flight here, almost every single white person was wearing cargo pants and/or shirts, it was totally hilarious. Spot the people … Continue reading