Spot the Obruni!

This has been quite an eventful week…I rubbed shoulders with some United Nations reps, made an appearance on the news, and this weekend I’ll be leaving Accra for the first time for a weekend at the beach with a big group of new friends! The other day I attended a conference held by the United … Continue reading

My Ghana so far

Long time no blog, I know, I know. I’ve transformed slowly from overwhelmed to busy and excited, and there’s not much time to reflect during the pauses in between. Until now! So, Ghana. As you may have noticed, I had no idea what to expect before I came here. I had Google images and blog … Continue reading

BIG NEWS: I’m moving to West Africa

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been waiting. I had a feeling I would have some big news to share, and this definitely counts as BIG. I am moving to Accra, Ghana in October.  I JUST accepted the position. For one year, I’ll be the Communications Officer for Crossroads International and WILDAF (Women … Continue reading