That Time I Thought I Was Going To Be Murdered By A Baboon (And Other Safari Stories)

A bit delayed but… Back on Easter weekend, I went on my second African safari! Here’s the story. It’s long and chronological. Deal.  I’ll be honest, I was a little on the fence about heading up North to go on safari. In Kenya a year and a half ago, I spent thousands of dollars on … Continue reading

That Time I “Acted” on a Ghanaian Soap Opera

Living in Ghana definitely has its downsides. There were the injuries from falling into an open gutter, my flooded floors after a rainstorm, those weeks my bed was infested with biting ants, that time I had malaria and the water was out, and those nights spent staring at the ceiling during a power outage when … Continue reading

Prettiness and Primates

After a whirlwind weekend I am now recovering with a new limp and some puncture wounds on my arm. Both maladies were totally worth it though, because I got to play in not one but two waterfalls, make friends with monkeys, and climb my first African mountain! The trip started on Saturday morning as I … Continue reading

That Time I Had Malaria in West Africa

Well, it happened. After a little too much ambivalence about the whole malaria prophylaxis thing, a little bugger bit me and infected my blood with gross parasites. Welcome to my malaria story. A week before the symptoms showed up, I was at a pool party when we began discussing malaria while bobbing in warm water … Continue reading

Hundreds of New Friends- A Visit to Rural Ghana

Power and running water are two things I definitely took for granted back in Canada (also: sidewalks and relatively cheap cheese). Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to endure cold bucket showers, going without internet for over 48 hours (the horror), sweating more than I’ve ever sweated before, and other unfortunate things that ‘modern’ life … Continue reading

Exploring the “touristy” side of Ghana

This past weekend I got a head start on my African travel resolution and headed to Cape Coast, about a 4-hour (with traffic) drive West of Accra. The weekend was a great mix of historical education, relaxation, and fun, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to visit some of Ghana’s “touristy” destinations. After … Continue reading

You know you live in Ghana when…

Happy new year! I have a feeling 2013 will be a crazy year and so far it’s off to a good start. I’ll be heading back to Ghana the day after tomorrow and I’m excited to get back into that African heat, even though I’ll miss Canada and all of my loved ones that call … Continue reading

Please Donate! Help Train Teen Girls in Ghana

Looking for an awesome Christmas gift or just some plain ol’ good karma? Well, I’ve got something for you. For the past few weeks I’ve been planning a fundraising campaign for a school located about 45 minutes outside of Accra, and after a few visits and some iMovie magic, it’s here! You can read all about … Continue reading

This Could Be Anywhere In The World

Sometimes when I’m out and about, weaving my way into the social fabric of this place, I lose track of where I am. Sometimes I forget the history of all that surrounds me, fail to hear the international accents, feel comfortable as though it’s home. Other times I’ll notice something or look beyond the lights … Continue reading

Spot the Obruni!

This has been quite an eventful week…I rubbed shoulders with some United Nations reps, made an appearance on the news, and this weekend I’ll be leaving Accra for the first time for a weekend at the beach with a big group of new friends! The other day I attended a conference held by the United … Continue reading