Gangster’s Paradise

I’ve returned from my sailing trip through the Whitsundays, and I managed to avoid a full-body sunburn. I’m pretty proud of myself. I am leaving for a 3-day camping trip to the biggest sand island in the world tomorrow though, so no promises on the sunburn front. Yes! So, I spent two days and one … Continue reading

Aussie Aussie Aussie…

I’ve written more about my time at the elephant sanctuary for the Oakville Beaver, check that blog out here. So, after a nightmare journey that involved way too many crying babies, I’m in Australia! Cairns to be exact. It’s hot, sunny and very pretty here. I even dived the Great Barrier Reef today! That was … Continue reading

Little Post, Big Animal

I’ve just wrapped up my week volunteering at an elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai, and I was very sad to leave. It was a great time, and I saw and experienced more than I could’ve imagined. I fed, bathed, and learned a great deal about the big guys, and  my admiration for the creatures has … Continue reading

The elephant lady has arrived

I just got back from a shopping expedition at the huge Sunday night market here in Chiang Mai, and at this point it’s clear that my future apartment will be filled with elephants. Here’s my elephant-related haul so far: -1 bracelet with an elephant on it -4 elephant statues -2 elephant bookmarks -1 elephant-print box … Continue reading

Holla, city of squalor!

Well, after an extremely long bus/boat trip, I’m back in Bangkok. It feels like coming home in a lot of ways. For one, I absolutely love the hostel we’re staying at. We stayed here during our week in Bangkok before and now we’re back. It’s called NapPark and it’s two streets away from the famous … Continue reading

Thai islands: diving and just plain dives.

Ah! It’s been so long! I have an excuse, I promise. The thing is, I was on the island of Koh Tao getting my PADI Open Water diving certification (woo!) for the last week and there was no internet. I had withdrawals. But! Now I’m on the slightly bigger island of Koh Phanghan and I … Continue reading

Bangkok baby!

I’m back! I’ve written a post for the Oakville Beaver about my time in India, check that out here. Really, my main lesson from India is that North American McDonald’s suck. McD’s in India don’t sell any beef or pork. No Big Macs! Instead, they have delicious veg options like the McSpicy Paneer (basically deep … Continue reading


Long time no post! I haven’t been feeling so great the last few days and I was stuck without internet while in Agra/Jaipur/Pushkar. That’s my excuse! In the mean time, I’ve seen the Taj Mahal, visited a city in India where alcohol and meat are banned, and eaten Thai food in Bangkok! That’s where I … Continue reading

Delhi: Bamboozling

Cayley and I are in Delhi now after a few days in Goa, and the two places are very different. Whereas Goa was very laid back and beachy with a hippie vibe, Delhi is more intense and varied. Our hostel also happens to be 100 degrees all the time and is filled with mosquitos and … Continue reading

Trainin’ in India

I thought long and hard about the clever titles I could have used for this post, but then I gave up. There are so many train songs and three of them are currently playing in my head at the same time. Oh well. This post will be especially interesting to you if you plan on … Continue reading